Leadership Development for the Construction Industry


In today's construction industry, we often pick the best and brightest of our work force to become our next construction leader. We assume that, because they are great at what they do, they will automatically become a great foreman or superintendent. And so we elevate to them to the next level of management, but don't give them to the tools they need to be a successful, effective leader.

Gangbox was developed to provide the most creative learning opportunities in the entire construction industry. We believe training should be effective, valuable, and fun. Our leadership development methods are designed to be enjoyable, non-threatening to the learner, and easily accessible. Most of all, our methods make sense to the construction leader. This isn't "off-the-shelf" training that we force fit in to the construction world. All of our learning methods are designed to fit your needs and your company.


Anyone in the construction industry will benefit from Gangbox!

Our workshops, Boot Camps, and audio sessions have been employed by all segments of the construction industry. Whether you are a general contractor, material provider, manufacturer, architect, engineer, or a contractor in HVAC, plumbing, concrete, electrical, roofing, asphalt, or painting – we will tailor our training to fit you.